Reference La Foncière

Implementing housing with services for the La Foncière residential portfolio

La Foncière is a Swiss property investment fund established in 1954 in Lausanne and managed by Investissements Fonciers SA (IFSA). La Foncière owns around 4,100 homes which are managed by property management companies.

La Foncière has commissioned bonacasa to implement its housing with services concept across its portfolio over a period of time. The 24-hour emergency call service will eventually be available in all of its homes, and tenants will be able to opt into the various services. bonacasa is building a service organisation in the fund’s core areas in western Switzerland to provide living services, and is working with the back office to orchestrate and process orders via its app and service line. The fund’s tenants are from a variety of generations and at different stages of life, so bonacasa’s wide-ranging service offering covers their diverse needs.

 By implementing services in its residential portfolio, La Foncière is benefiting from positive marketing and adding considerable value with this expanded offering. It’s more convenient for younger people, improves safety for seniors and those who live alone, and opens up the possibility of staying in one of the fund’s homes well into old age.