Reference Engelberg

Holidays with services for the tourist destination of Engelberg

In the tourist region of Engelberg the “holidays with services” project is enhancing visitor safety and convenience, boosting holiday lets and hotel bookings and generating increased sales for service providers based there. bonacasa is developing and managing the project and is providing the necessary resources (service management platform) and expertise to process and deliver services.

bonacasa’s service management platform, plus a “virtual counter” developed specially for the project, offers visitors a variety of channels (such as an app, online shop, telephone and service centres at tourist points) through which they can access a wide range of networked electronic and physical services. Visitors enjoy greater safety and convenience and the project is delivering significant economic benefits for the region. The audit report of the Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) states that the project is improving the take up of holiday homes and hotels and boosting sales for regional service providers. Access to packaged information is boosting service consumption. “Engelberg will have a new USP”, says SECO, which sees the project as a great showcase for strengthening competitiveness and for the sustainable development of Swiss tourism. |