Corporate Customers

We provide serviced accommodation. And we do it well.

We create housing with services for our corporate customers.

If living with services is in demand, bonacasa is the leading provider of business solutions. bonacasa supports more than 1'000 residential units of its sister company bonainvest AG and more than 8'600 external business partners. Things keep getting more and more. Why? Instead of building up their own competence, infrastructure and resources, business customers fall back on the proven, modular and cost-effective solution set from bonacasa. The differentiation advantage for business customers remains intact because bonacasa can also implement the B2B offer as a white-label solution on request.

bonacasa for the property industry

If an investor, developer, portfolio owner, property manager or a commune wants to offer housing with services, bonacasa is a suitable implementation partner. We accompany our business customers from the planning stage through implementation (keyword obstacle-free operation with bonacasa building standards) with our expertise in smart construction.

After the planning and implementation phase, we take over the operative operation of service homes.

bonacasa also offers its services for existing real estate portfolios. The property owner can thus enhance his housing offer and position living with services (thanks to the white label, for example, also under his own brand) in the market more attractively.

Service living, implemented by bonacasa, is positioned according to the wishes of our business customers and the market environment:

  • Intergenerational mixing
  • Specialized on a target group, e. g. living in old age
  • Segment-specific (e. g. for professionals, families, singles etc.)
  • Comfort, safety and/or lifestyle oriented
  • Cost-optimized or positioned as a premium offer

Demographic change is influencing the development of housing and supply offerings in communities. More and more elderly people are living in apartments that no longer meet the needs of this phase of life. Communities are interested in providing sufficient generational housing and cost-effective care solutions for the ageing society. The increasing loneliness of the elderly or achieving ecological goals also pose great challenges for communities and care homes.

Together with bonainvest Holding AG, bonacasa has answers to current and future challenges, advises communities and, if required, implements sustainable housing suitable for all generations. bonacasa can connect an existing old people's care home and the outpatient care organisation and network the existing service providers at community level. In Biberist, this is successfully practised, resulting in holistic care solutions. It is also possible to integrate exclusively the services offered by bonacasa (Living Services, 24/7 emergency call) directly into the community's care structure, combine them with existing services or, as the example of Wiesendangen shows, set up and operate a local counseling center for housing for the elderly.

How it works
The service management platform integrates all our services and information offerings
The service management platform integrates all our services and information offerings

The advantages of the tried and tested service management platform include:

  • Integration and cost-effective processing of different, locally coordinated services and services
  • Integration of specific appropriate interaction channels with end customers
  • Connection of the service telephone and the 24/7 emergency call centre
  • Customizable app for quarters, new construction projects or existing properties
  • Integration of specific contents of our business customers