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Tackling challenges today
Many current and future challenges for communities are complex and interdependent: coping with demographic change, reducing costs, improving ecology, and addressing loneliness through networking and service. bonainvest Holding and its subsidiaries can support and implement future-oriented solutions in these areas.


Coping with demographic change

Coping with demographic change
A turn away from the classic retirement home is long overdue. What is needed are combined, flexible and cost-effective forms of living and services that respond better than today to the wishes and needs of the Silver Society.

Reduce costs
Integrated cooperation in care for the elderly in the field of outpatient and inpatient care, as well as new, intelligent housing offers, enable people to live longer in their own four walls. This will be cheaper for every single elderly person, but also for the communities.

Strengthening networking and service
With social and digital networking and a range of individually optimised services, the communities increase the quality of life and security of their inhabitants and thus become more attractive themselves.

Improving ecology
Sustainable living does not only mean that apartments have to be built in such a way that they are suitable for all life situations. In the future, housing must also make an even greater ecological contribution to achieving climate goals. For this reason, present-day and future buildings must meet ever higher sustainability standards.

Using synergies brings benefits for all.

50 years of experience

Ivo Bracher, Chairman of the Board of Management of bonainvest Holding AG, presides in Biberist the Cooperative Alterssiedlung, in which the municipality of Biberist is also represented. Already 50 years ago, the cooperative recognized that the construction of apartments suitable for generations is the only practicable way to face demographic change on the one hand and the needs of older people and those of the communities on the other.

This led to the idea of bonacasa: mixed-generation living with threshold-free architecture and services and security available on request. In order to realize more projects, additional financial resources were needed, which is why the capital of private investors and above all pension funds was merged into a real estate investment company in 2009. All bonainvest projects are built according to the bonacasa building standard for future-oriented living.

50 years of experience

Solutions from a single source

Our expertise is based on the three core areas consulting, implementation and networking: We support communities strategically in the development of a generational concept or in the reorientation of their old-age policy. With a long-term orientation, we develop and realize with bonainvest mixed-generation real estate projects in cooperation with municipalities. With bonacasa, we promote social and digital networking and offer a wide range of facilities such as concierge services or the 24/7 emergency call, which we can also make available at community level.


Integral concepts and solutions for municipalities
We use our skills and years of experience to come up with implementable concepts and solutions, including in collaboration with external experts in old-age and care policy. We give recommendations for action and hold seminars and workshops with municipalities. For instance, we answer questions such as: how does optimal collaboration between outpatient and inpatient care institutions look and how great is the need for intergenerational homes in the municipality or region?



Property development and realization with bonainvest
bonainvest provides a reliable and fair investor for rapid realization of projects to meet a municipality’s individual needs. We hold independent architectural design competitions and realize sustainable, intergenerational residential developments for and with municipalities. Together with bonainvest, bonacasa has now built a total of over 1,000 intergenerational homes at 35 sites, some of which are in leasehold. We also specialise in planning and realizing nursing homes.



Security and services from bonacasa
We bring bonacasa home residents together — and municipality residents too. For example, we have set up a contact point for discussing age-related issues. We realize our residential developments in line with the bonacasa construction standard. bonacasa helps residents to live independently for longer by integrating the 24/7 emergency call function and offering care, meal and domestic services from a single source. This allows municipalities not only to enhance their residents’ quality of life, but also to reduce their healthcare costs. 

Booklet (in German)

Case studies of successful cooperation

The brochure «Lebensqualität für Generationen» (Quality of life for generations; in German) shows the implementation competence of bonaninvest Holding and its subsidiaries in cooperation with municipalities.


Download booklet (in German)



«bonacasa and bonainvest have launched the development of the new district on the first of eight construction sites with their highly integrated new build. Their striking building plays a prominent role in shaping the entrance to Aarenau.»

Christoph Fischer, former head of the local citizens' property administration of the city of Aarau



«bonacasa and bonainvest realized our project with the quality and speed we had envisaged – the residents are now benefiting from bonacasa’s construction standard and services.»

Andreas Gnägi-Läng, Citizens Council and property manager Citizens Commune Bellmund



«Ivo Bracher and bonacasa have been strategically advising our municipality on age-related issues and successfully realizing concepts for years, which is why the municipality now enjoys an excellent reputation, especially among older people.»

Stefan Hug-Portmann, President of the municipality Biberist



«We were impressed by bonacasa’s joined up thinking. They supported us in building the planned nursing home in the centre instead of on the outskirts and in combining it with age-appropriate homes.»

Hans Stöckli, Member of the Council of States of the Canton of Berne and former Mayor of Biel/Bienne



«bonacasa quickly showed us the best way to rebuild our church in a modern and functional style and to harmoniously integrate it into the residential accommodation that was built at the same time – the project was successfully completed.»

Toni Gasser, former President Catholic Parish St. Mauritius Bonstetten-Stallikon-Wettswil



«bonacasa and bonainvest haven’t just built a home. Their consultation convinced the municipality to go ahead with the planned renovation of the home, which now benefits not just the home and neighbouring residences, but also tradespeople.»

Johanna Bartholdi, Cantonal Councillor Solothurn and Mayor of Egerkingen



«The realization of the propertie Langmoos represents a further milestone in the community's old-age policy. The 3-pillar principle is therewith fully implemented.»

Reto Grau, President of the municipality of Langnau am Albis



«While jointly drawing up a concept for old age, bonacasa showed us different ways to realize attractive, integrated residences for older people. We thought that homes with services were essential for us.»

Christine Buob, former local councillor and head of social affairs Malters



«bonacasa and bonainvest brought about efficient realization of the competition result in an initial situation that was tricky in terms of proprietorship and with complex local planning issues. They brought the planning of the centre to a commendably modern conclusion.»

Werner Hunziker, former commune and GAG vice president Oensingen



«bonacasa used their extensive knowledge to help us achieve a result we could never have dreamed of, according to the strategic design of Sunnehof.»

Elisabeth Spichiger, President of the municipality Rohrbach



«bonacasa offers a great value emergency call subscription for all residents of the Wiesendangen municipality aged 60 and over.»

Zuzana Wyss, Municipal Councillor Wiesendangen, Social Affairs and Health Department

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