Society is changing

Society is changing

bonacasa’s offering provides answers to a variety of challenges that have sprung up based on changes which are influencing our future way of life.

Family models and lifestyles generally are becoming more diverse

  • It’s more common for both partners to work these days
  • Traditional role models in partnerships are disappearing
  • The number of single parents has risen in recent years

bonacasa provides contemporary homes with affordable services. It’s a combination that adapts to different ways of life and living arrangements. Double-income couples with no children, families or single parents – our services enable us to support individual lifestyles.

More and more people are living on their own (singularisation)

  • Single-person households are on the increase; in some cities the proportion is already over 50%.
  •   Lots of people live alone in old age, and relatives tend to live further away from each other than they used to (professional mobility)

bonacasa provides housing that’s perfect for singles. Our services and our neighbourhood integration approach counteract the social impact of singularisation, and our local concierge organisation is ready to lend a helping hand.

The proportion of older people is rising

  •   The proportion of older people in Switzerland is still rising 
  •   Developing and providing appropriate care systems is a social and political challenge.
  •   For the most part, it’s still unclear how to achieve this in political or social terms
  •   As reflected in numerous reports, older people want to live in their own home for as long as possible.

bonacasa gives people the opportunity to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible at a reasonable cost. We’ve created optimised homes and provided services geared towards seniors as a target group (including a home emergency call system, a transport service, home cleaning, outpatient care, etc.).

Services are gaining importance

As a market leader in housing and living with services, bonacasa supplies all services under one roof. If you need a service, all you have to do is order it, either by phone or using our app. And you only pay once you’ve used it.


Technology is advancing

 We monitor, evaluate and utilise technological advances to improve our housing and our residents’ lifestyles. We exploit the potential of IT to optimise the way we receive and process orders. So we developed an electronic service management platform that customers can access using an app. We use home technology and its many possibilities in our housing, to provide sustainable improvements in convenience and safety and to promote “digital living”.